Consulting Services

“The Program”
7-week nutrition & lifestyle consulting

The Program is a 3-phase nutrition education program devised through my experience as as a holistic nutritionist and chef. This is not a diet, label or dogma. It is a process rooted in your own experience that will help lovingly shift your relationship with food.

Foods are neither inherently good nor bad; the only relevant information is how they make you feel - both physically and emotionally. There will be no counting calories, measuring, or restricting foods out of punishment or guilt. Above all, The Program will teach you to practice Mindfulness, which simply means becoming aware of your actions and reactions - without judgement. It is not a permanent, rigid diet that you follow perfectly for the rest of your life. Rather, it is a guided experiment in order to figure out what helps you feel your best.

As Pema Chodron says, “This is a journey of exploration, not commandments carved in stone.”

services provided:

Discussion of current health, medication, diet and lifestyle habits.
Specific diet & lifestyle recommendations tailored to your health history, symptoms, concerns & goals.
Educational resources around specific topics unique to your life.
Grocery lists, recipes, cooking techniques, meal planning & batch cooking.
Referrals to Functional Medicine doctors in your area, adjunctive services, suggested tests to run through your doctor to uncover root causes of inflammation & dysfunction.
General health and lifestyle coaching,
In depth discussion around reframing your experience and finding empowerment.

please inquire for pricing

*All sessions are available in-person in the East LA area or remotely via phone or FaceTime.

single-session personalized consultation

If you, a friend or family member has been struggling with or diagnosed with a complicated illness / health challenge, and you feel totally overwhelmed about where to start or what to do next, I offer single consulting sessions.

I will devise a roadmap for approaching your condition from a holistic perspective; nutrition recommendations, supplements, suggested adjunctive therapies, referrals to other practitioners, and a treatment plan.

specializing in:

digestive disorders
leaky gut
chronic inflammation
food allergies and intolerances
weight loss, gain, maintenance
building positive body image and sustainable long-term health
hormonal dysregulation / amenorrhia
impaired detoxification
chronic skin issues
anxiety & mood disorders
yeast overgrowth and GI dysbiosis
adrenal / HPA axis dysregulation
eating for sustainable environmental impact

your investment:

Single session - 90 minutes - $250

intuitive cooking classes

the first and most foundational way to change your diet starts with learning how to cook. not super fancy stuff, but simple, nourishing, seasonal food - and a lot of vegetables. I offer private cooking classes where we focus less on recipes and more on learning how to intuitively prepare delicious and easy food. we will cover meal prepping, batch cooking, choosing sustainable produce, shopping the farmers markets, making food flavorful through spices, herbs and knowledge of different cuisines. these classes will help you create a realistic routine that is enjoyable and inspiring.

your investment:

each class - 2 hours - $300

corporate consulting

I offer presentations, cooking demos, and customized health & well-being education to small and large groups. please inquire for more info ~