about kacie carter

kacie is the chef and co-founder of Honey Hi in Echo Park & a practicing holistic nutritionist.

in my life i’ve been healthy, and i’ve also been very, very sick.

i tried just about everything under the sun in order to get better. every diet, every protocol, every label.

after much trial and error, those experiences have brought me to where i am today - thankfully, with no more labels. i’ve extracted what helped from each, but I no longer use them to determine my identity. years of experimentation and my education as a holistic nutrition consultant allowed me to learn a lot about a lot. this plethora of tools, study and firsthand experience now allows me to help guide others on their own paths.

i have a very different approach to “health” - which is that you’re never going to be perfect. perfect is impossible, not to mention oppressive. what is optimal for you will look completely different than for another, and that’s going to change throughout your life. what matters is being in touch with yourself.

there’s enough conflicting information out there to confuse even the savviest person. it can be hard to know where to start, and overwhelming to think about changing something as fundamental as the way we eat.

we have to find a realistic version of health. not a glossy, perfectionistic, impossible-to-obtain-or-sustain version, but a grounded and practical version. one that’s actually accessible.

i’ve discovered that there is a world where what we eat is celebratory and craveable, without experiencing health issues or feeling limited around food. we need tools, education, and an open mind to find what works for us in the long run. i’ve found a sense of humor helps, too.

my nutrition practice is rooted in flexibility and experimentation vs dogma and restriction, so that you walk away from our work together with a template for your own well-being that you can access anytime throughout your life. and i promise - no labels.